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CISA releases Hunt Tool for Microsoft cloud services

The Untitled Goose Tool is the latest tool from the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to help enterprise security teams respond to attacks. Co-developed with Sandia National Labs, the Untitled Goose Tool “offers new authentication and data collection methods for network defenders to use as they interrogate and analyze their Microsoft cloud services,” … Read more

Samsung 990 Pro (2TB) £174, all time low

Since its release in October, the Samsung 990 Pro has topped our list of the best SSDs for good reason. The drive is the fastest consumer drive we’ve ever tested, beating out other PCIe 4.0 competitors like the WD Black SN850X and the SK hynix Platinum P41. UK shoppers can now pick up the 2TB … Read more

The Biden administration is trying to crack down on the spyware market with a new ban

In a significant signal to spyware vendors, the Biden administration issued an executive order (EO) that prohibits federal government agencies from using commercial spyware “that poses significant counterintelligence or security risks to the United States government.” The spyware covered by EO is basically malware designed to track and collect data from cell phones that can … Read more

A man tried to smuggle 239 processors worth $50,000 to China

Chinese customs authorities have seized a man trying to smuggle 239 CPUs worth approximately US$50,000 into China, MyDrivers reports. A Mainland passenger wearing light black clothing entered Mainland China through the “nothing to declare” corridor and attracted the attention of customs officials with his abnormal appearance and bloated appearance. Officers decided to investigate further and … Read more

Clop continues to collect victims of ransomware with the GoAnywhere flaw

A vulnerability in the commonly used GoAnywhere file transfer service allowed the Clop ransomware group to compromise around 130 organizations. Weeks later, details are still emerging about the large-scale attack. Until now, those details weren’t available from GoAnywhere’s parent company, Fortra. It was the victim organization that made headlines with revelations of public data breaches. … Read more

Growing demand for data science and data analyst roles

Unleash your analytical prowess in today’s most coveted careers: data science and data analytics. As companies dive into the world of data, skilled individuals who can extract valuable insights from the ocean of information are in high demand. Join the data revolution and provide a competitive edge for businesses fighting for dominance. Data scientists and … Read more

MinisForum launches NAB6 mini-PC with dual 2.5G Ethernet ports

MinisForum is a well-known manufacturer from Shenzhen, China, specializing in compact systems. The company recently added the NAB6 to its diverse portfolio of Intel-powered mini-PCs. The NAB6, which uses Intel’s Core i7-12650H (Alder Lake) processor, offers not one, but two high-speed 2.5G Ethernet ports. The feature is common on higher-end motherboards, but rare on mini-PCs. … Read more