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How to think like a hacker and stay ahead of threats

February 08, 2023The Hacker NewsCyber ​​Security / Cyber ​​Threats To succeed as a cybersecurity analyst, you need to understand the traits, values, and thought processes of hackers, as well as the tools they use to launch their attacks. In a webinar called The Hacker Mindset, Red Team Researcher shared how you can use some of … Read more

ESET Threat Report T3 2022

A view of the T3 2022 threat landscape on ESET TV and from the perspective of ESET threat detection and research experts In 2022, an unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine shocked the world, with devastating consequences for the country and its people. The war continues to affect everything from energy prices and inflation to … Read more

Russian hacker pleads guilty to money laundering linked to Ryuk Ransomware

February 08, 2023Ravi LakshmanaCryptocurrency / Endpoint Security A Russian national pleaded guilty in the US on February 7, 2023 to charges of money laundering and attempting to conceal the source of funds related to the Ryuk ransomware attacks. Denis Mikhalovich Dubnikov, 30, was arrested in Amsterdam in November 2021 before being extradited from the Netherlands … Read more

CERT-UA warned Ukrainian state authorities about cyber attacks using Remcos software

February 08, 2023Ravi LakshmanaThreat Intelligence / Cyber ​​Warfare Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA) has issued a warning about cyber attacks against the country’s public authorities deploying legitimate remote access software called Remcos. A massive phishing campaign has been attributed to a threat actor being tracked UAC-0050The agency describes the activity as espionage-motivated, given the … Read more

Cloud applications still require more privileges than they use

The rise of the cloud has made business more flexible, agile and streamlined, all of which are good reasons why more than 90% of enterprises are committed to a cross-platform strategy. But complexity creates seams where secrets leak out. Recent high-profile breaches at Microsoft and airports have made misconfigured S3 buckets a guide to cybersecurity. … Read more

Money Lover financial app discloses user data

A financial app called Money Lover has been found to be leaking user transactions and associated metadata, including wallet names and email addresses. addresses. This is reported by Trustwave, which published its findings in a blog post on February 7. Money Lover, developed by Vietnam’s Finsify, is a tool for managing personal finances: budgeting, expense … Read more

A fresh, bugged version of Clop Ransomware targets Linux systems

A newly discovered variant of the prolific Clop ransomware family brings both good and bad news for security teams. The good news is that the malware is flawed, and victims can relatively easily decrypt any data it encrypts without first paying a ransom for the decryption key. The bad news is that the new malware … Read more

DPRK uses unpatched Zimbra devices to spy on researchers

The latest round of compromises, which exploited unpatched Zimbra devices, was a North Korean government-sponsored effort aimed at stealing intelligence from a collection of public and private medical and energy researchers. Analysts at W Labs explained in a new report that due to the overlap of techniques, and a misstep by one of the threat … Read more

New banking trojan targeting 100 million Pix payment platform accounts

A new Android banking trojan called PixPirate targets more than 100 million Brazilian Pix instant payment accounts. The Pix payment platform was created and operated by the Central Bank of Brazil and is used to make instant mobile payments in Latin America through various banks. Researchers from the Cleafy TIR Team, which have been tracking … Read more