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Once in the land of data

Installed business |: November 16, 2022 4: minutes to read I recently had the privilege of attending a CDAO event in Boston hosted by Corinium. Tracks represented financial services, insurance, retail and consumer packaged goods, and healthcare. Overall, it struck me that while data science is not new, most companies still define the mission of … Read more

Unlocking HBase on S3 With the New Store File Tracking Feature

Posted in Technical | November 15, 2022 9 min read CDP Operational Database (COD) is a real-time auto-scaling operational database powered by Apache HBase and Apache Phoenix. It is one of the main data services that run on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Public Cloud. You can access COD from your CDP console. The cost savings … Read more

Cloudera and Generation Partner will reaffirm the technology talent of tomorrow

Installed business |: November 10, 2022 4: minutes to read Better job opportunities are life-changing, but a lack of affordable job training and placement opportunities can make finding the right opportunity very difficult, if not impossible. A generation is an economic mobility nonprofit that works to prepare, place and support people in life-changing careers that … Read more

Ozone Write Pipeline V2 with Ratis Streaming

Posted in Technical | November 08, 2022 12 min read Cloudera has been working on Apache Ozone, an open-source project to develop a highly scalable, highly available, strongly consistent distributed object store. Ozone is able to scale to billions of objects and hundreds petabytes of data. It enables cloud-native applications to store and process mass … Read more

Cloudera partner network. ready to heat wave growth

Installed business |: November 02, 2022 4: minutes to read You asked. We delivered. Introducing the Cloudera Partner Network Cloudera’s Channel Programs team is constantly striving to improve how we engage, reward and collaborate with our partners. And based on your feedback, we’re replacing Cloudera Connect with a new program, the Cloudera Partner Network (CPN). … Read more

When the Private Cloud Fits Right for Public Sector Missions

Installed Technical |: November 1, 2022 3: minutes to read It’s no secret that IT modernization is a top priority for the US federal government. A quick trip in the Congressional Time Machine to review 2017 Government Technology Modernization Act identifies the most important points related to the department’s challenges; The federal government spends nearly … Read more

Using Apache Solr REST API on CDP Public Cloud

Installed Technical |: October 27, 2022 4: minutes to read Abstract: It Apache Solr: the cluster is available CDP Public Cloud:using Data mining and analytics data center template. In this article, we’ll explore how to connect to a Solr REST API running in the Public Cloud and highlight the performance impact of session cookie configurations … Read more

Accelerating Machine Learning Projects with Applied ML Prototyping

Installed Technical |: October 26, 2022 4: minutes to read It’s no secret that advances like AI and machine learning (ML) can have a profound impact on how businesses operate. In a recent report from Cloudera Infinite. The positive power of AI, we found that 87% of business decision makers achieve success with existing ML … Read more

10 Keys to a Secure Cloud Data Lakehouse

Posted in Technical | October 25, 2022 8 min read Enabling data and analytics in the cloud allows you to have infinite scale and unlimited possibilities to gain faster insights and make better decisions with data. The data lakehouse is gaining in popularity because it enables a single platform for all your enterprise data with … Read more