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Manage your data warehouse cost allocations with the Amazon Redshift Serverless feature

Amazon Redshift Serverless makes it easy to run and scale analytics without managing your data warehouse infrastructure. Developers, data scientists, and analysts can work across databases, data warehouses, and data lakes to build reporting and dashboard applications, perform real-time analytics, share and collaborate on data, and even build and train machine learning (ML) models with … Read more

Survival scale. How to attract investors in a post-SVB world?

The bigger they are, the harder they fall…unless the Federal Reserve steps in to save them. That was the good news for depositors at the now-defunct Silicon Valley Bank, which imploded last week in a brutal 48-hour period. But bondholders and shareholders lost their caps. The message to innovators is clear. If you want to … Read more

Building the Trusted Research Environment with Azure Databricks

The importance and impact of data in healthcare is greater than it has ever been, with access to truly large-scale datasets and powerful analytical tooling creating the potential to deliver transformative outcomes for society. Such examples include the role of data in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine development. Take Austin Health, who onboarded … Read more

Reliable data. Alchemy for misinformation

Installed business |: March 27, 2023 2: minutes to read The best description of unreliable data I’ve ever heard is: “We all participate in QBR – sales, marketing, finance – and report quarterly results, except the Sales reports and numbers don’t match the marketing and financial reports. We argue about where the numbers come from, … Read more

Great crisis of 2025. Is your data safe from quantum computing?

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Does data science matter? How can data science help business?

  The demand for a data scientist, who is responsible for extracting meaningful information from a mountain of data so that a company can make better business decisions, is increasing as data science is now used in almost every enterprise. There’s no denying that today’s organizations are data-rich. It is an important component of every … Read more

Cost effective and secure data sharing.

In today’s business landscape, the secure and cost-effective exchange of data is more important than ever for organizations looking to optimize their internal and external processes across the value chain. However, traditional data sharing solutions often come with significant limitations, such as requiring each collaborator you work with to be tied to a specific vendor … Read more

dbt Labs Report – Opportunities and Challenges for Analytics Engineers

The practice of analytics engineering (made famous by dbt Labs) took the data world by storm last year as a new approach changed the way data professionals work. Today, dbt Labs officially released the inaugural State of Analytics Engineering report. The report assessed analytics engineering practices and gathered insights from those actively involved in day-to-day … Read more

From data to reality. Using Metaverse for Business Growth

Metaverse has emerged as a popular terminology in modern times, alluding to a virtual realm accessible through electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and VR headsets. Thanks to the advent of blockchain technology and computing power, metaversion is no longer just a hypothetical concept, but a concrete reality. Undoubtedly, the metaverse presents an unparalleled … Read more