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Legitimate Concerns Not Alleviated (Southern California Journal of Interdisciplinary Law)

Miron Mushkat & Roda MushkatSouthern California Journal of Interdisciplinary LawIssue 32, pp. 75-111 Published in 2022 Abstract: In the post-positivist era, grappling with the complexities of corrupt practices has become an increasingly difficult proposition. Many perspectives, normative as well as positivist, have been applied to this phenomenon, which was once considered simple. Inspired by the … Read more

Customization Vs. Hyperpersonalization. advantages, limitations and potential

The advent of digital technology and the rise of e-commerce have dramatically changed the way customers interact with businesses. With no shortage of product and service options, customers expect a level of personalization and convenience that was once unimaginable. This voracious appetite for instant gratification has pushed marketers to the limit as they strive to … Read more

Security Operations in the Data Lakehouse. The Hunters SOC platform is now available to Databricks customers

Cybersecurity is a big data problem. The growing volume and complexity of data flowing in and out of enterprises has created new cybersecurity challenges. Existing SIEM solutions cannot scale with the rate of data growth without taxing security budgets and draining existing resources. Today, cybersecurity firm Hunters announces the availability of SOC Platform for Databricks … Read more

Apple is releasing an urgent security update for older iOS and iPadOS models

March 28, 2023Ravi LakshmanaMobile security On Monday, Apple released fixes for a security flaw that was actively exploited for older iPhone and iPad models. Issue tracked as: CVE-2023-23529refers to a type confusion bug in the WebKit browser engine that could lead to arbitrary code execution. It was initially patched by the tech giant with improved … Read more

How CISOs can reduce the risk of using data brokers

Purchasing databases from data brokers can pose a challenge for enterprise security managers. While there are tools for scanning files for malware, there is no automated way to ensure that the data contained in the database is accurate and, more importantly, obtained with the appropriate consent. Without that assurance, those files can pose a threat … Read more

Samsung 990 Pro (2TB) £174, all time low

Since its release in October, the Samsung 990 Pro has topped our list of the best SSDs for good reason. The drive is the fastest consumer drive we’ve ever tested, beating out other PCIe 4.0 competitors like the WD Black SN850X and the SK hynix Platinum P41. UK shoppers can now pick up the 2TB … Read more

The Biden administration is trying to crack down on the spyware market with a new ban

In a significant signal to spyware vendors, the Biden administration issued an executive order (EO) that prohibits federal government agencies from using commercial spyware “that poses significant counterintelligence or security risks to the United States government.” The spyware covered by EO is basically malware designed to track and collect data from cell phones that can … Read more