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Valve is going to kill Steam Gaming on Windows 7 and 8

Steam, the world’s most popular PC gaming client, community and store, will close its doors to Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users next year. The deadline for maintaining Windows updates is January 1, 2024. To be clear, as of January 2024, Windows 10 will be the oldest Windows OS compatible with the Steam Client. In … Read more

ASPSF graduate ‘never felt like a single mom’

Dear ASPSF Supporters, I want you to know that you were essential to my son, my success, and my life. I never felt like a single mom because of your support. You are not a stranger. you are my family You sat at my dinner table, put presents under our Christmas tree, and most importantly, … Read more

Raspberry Pi Powers Commodore 64 Expansion Cartridge, Plays Doom

Commodore was a big name in the 1970s, 80s and early 1990s. Its line of home computers spanned decades, but one, the Commodore 64, shines a little brighter than the rest. Frntc aka Carsten has created a Raspberry Pi-powered cartridge, the RAD Expansion Unit, that simulates RAM expansion and provides a CPU boost for a … Read more

Data loss from insider events increases despite IRM programs; Report

The vast majority of companies struggle with data loss from insider events despite dedicated insider risk management (IRM) programs, according to a data impact report commissioned by Code 42. The study, conducted by Vanson Bourne, an independent research firm for technology companies, interviewed 700 US cybersecurity professionals, managers and leaders between January and February. “Insider … Read more

Acceldata and its Data Observability Platform – Solving Big Data Management Challenges

In this video interview with Acceldata Co-Founder and CTO Ashwin Rajeeva, we talk about the company’s data visualization platform, what “data observability” is, and why it’s so important in big data analytics and machine learning development environments. Rajeeva lays the groundwork by explaining the data management challenges organizations face today as they struggle to manage … Read more

A Pakistani-origin spinoff is linked to a new cyber attack on India’s Defense Ministry

March 28, 2023Ravi LakshmanaEnhanced persistent threat The Advanced Persistent Threat Team (APT), which has experience targeting India and Afghanistan, has been linked to a new phishing campaign powered by the Action RAT. According to Cyble, who credited the operation SideCopy:The cluster of activities is intended to target the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the … Read more

The IcedID malware shifts the focus from banking fraud to ransomware delivery

March 28, 2023Ravi LakshmanaRansomware / Endpoint Security Multiple threats have been observed using two new versions of the IcedID malware in the wild, with more limited functionality that removes functionality related to online banking fraud. IcedID, also known as BokBot, began operating as a banking trojan in 2017. It is also capable of delivering additional … Read more

HP launches nine new Omen gaming monitors from 27 to 34 inches

At its Amplify Partner Conference in Chicago, HP unveiled a series of new gaming monitors. We are impressed HP’s Omen gaming monitors over the years, and the company is expanding the range with nine new models. The new models include one 24-inch, five 27-inch, two 32-inch and one 34-inch to appeal to a wide range … Read more

Pen testing solutions that challenge the status quo

March 28, 2023The Hacker NewsPen Testing / Artificial Intelligence Malicious actors are constantly adapting their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) to rapidly adapt to political, technological, and regulatory changes. A few emerging threats that organizations of all sizes should be aware of include the following: Increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learningMalicious actors are … Read more